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Choice for intensive trout repopulated "Cobert de Puigcercós" (Ctra. Sant Quirze de Berga, Km. 22) BORRADÀ. Tel. 938239048.

To obtain the license or permit fishing can be done in two ways:

- (public services - fishing licenses). It's only in catalan.

· To get the license: Application for the license.

· To obtain permits: Application for permits for fishing in an area controlled.

* In the two options is filled and sent a questionnaire, then you must print the receipt to show on the day of fishing. To pay to have data on the credit card. In doing so the Internet is a 10% discount.

- 012 (Fisheries Department). We will process all by phone. They speak english.

Another fishing choice  is the "Riera Major", for more information, consult the website: